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Diary : Our trip to Rotherham


Saturday 6th : Departure from the huge (a little irony there ;-)) airport of La Rochelle at 5.05 pm. We arrived in London at 5.35 pm (English time) and lost Emmie's suitcase ! Fortunately, we found it a few minutes later and could resume our journey. After running for the train, we arrived at Rotherham in the evening, where our exchange partners welcomed us.

Sunday 7th : We spent the day with our host families. Some of us went to a typical English pub while others went shopping to Sheffield. Laurine and Sarah went to a Youth Group which is a group for young protestants, they were amazed but they liked it a lot.

To be continued...

Clementine Bourcier, Victor Fonteneau et Clement Cornuault




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